Where is Coast Yoga based?

Our official location is The Warehouse, 1-5 Sussex St, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045 but we are very close to the neighbouring suburbs of SeacliffBrighton and Glenelg.

Will I develop fitness with yoga?

Yes the yoga that we teach is dynamic and will develop fitness, strength and flexibility

How often should I attend?

It is important to attend regularly at least once per week but ideally to see progress twice a week or more. It depends on your commitments and your finances but certainly doing yoga more than once per week will bring rapid and observable benefits.

I am a shift worker and cannot attend one time slot every week?

We have 22 classes per week so there is the option to attend one class one week and another the next. Try to establish the routine of a regular class and teacher so that continuity and connection can develop.

What if I am sick or something happens and my ticket expires?

We do want you to attend all the classes that you have paid for. If a major event happens and you cant attend as long as you let us know we will extend your ticket. However we do expect that with a class ticket you attend regularly.

Do I have to be young, fit, flexible to start yoga?

No you develop those qualities at your own pace. People at any age can start yoga.

Will yoga help me to relax and be less stressed?

Yes, done regularly yoga helps you learn to relax and calm the mind.

Do I need to bring anything to a class?

We provide all equipment. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water