Vanessa Shribman (Director at Coast Yoga) read an article recently in the health section of Adelaide’s major newspaper (from 2014) which rated the best yoga in town based on: fun factor, difficulty, next day pain, workout factor and atmosphere. We’re not sure whether factors 2,3 and 4 were preferable with a higher or lower score. If we were looking for the best yoga school in town, we would look at quite different factors than those chosen by the journalists trying out different styles and schools for the first time.

“I love to go to a yoga class when I travel. I have attended yoga centres in the UK, NZ, Germany, Greece, Thailand, New York, India, Israel and all around Australia. Albeit, teaching Iyengar yoga classes, I don’t have to agonize between styles of yoga, and I do understand that different styles suit different needs, personalities and ages, but I do think that there are general qualities that should be satisfied when looking for the best yoga school in town” – Vanessa Shribman

Take the quiz to find out which Yoga centre is best

Yoga has become a billion dollar business often driven by profit rather than quality, so ensure that you are attending the best in every style by answering these questions.

Rate each question out of 5 for the yoga schools that you have attended and find out your score. The highest score is 55 (the higher your score, the better the centre).

  1. Is the yoga engaging and fun?
  2. Does the style suit you: challenging, relaxing?
  3. Do the yoga teachers have a strong, advanced practice, much like the team at Coast Yoga?
  4. Have they undergone extensive training?
  5. Is the teacher genuinely interested in you or does it feel like you are just another number?
  6. Do you receive individual attention in the class and help if you have an injury or are restricted in some way?
  7. Do the teachers have the expertise to modify the poses for you?
  8. Are there a variety of poses taught or is the class always the same?
  9. Do you feel that you are progressing physically, mentally and in your understanding?
  10. Is the environment clean, light and inviting?
  11. Is the atmosphere welcoming and friendly?

= Your score/55. 

Note: Iyengar Yoga has 9 certification levels. Each level comprises of an examination of practice and teaching of progressively more advanced poses. An introductory teacher is required to have 3 years experience in Iyengar yoga before commencing 3 further years of teacher training. They are then permitted to sit for certification. To progress to the next level takes at least 1-2 years. You can be sure that Iyengar teachers are highly trained and knowledgable.

We tick all the boxes at Coast Yoga. Our classes are engaging and fun, suit all levels (including beginners, intermediate and advanced) and vary in poses week-on-week.

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