Coast Yoga established 1994

Yoga Class Descriptions

Which class is for me?

In order to progress rapidly, it is recommended that you are attending twice per week.

Our beginners’ yoga classes those who have no previous experience of yoga, have done some yoga but have had a significant break or are returning after pregnancy and childbirth.

Lev I
For those who have completed the beginners course level.

Level II
Level II consists of our intermediate yoga classes and is for those who have done at least 6 months of regular yoga. It is recommended that from this level students should be attending classes a minimum of twice a week.

Level III
Level III consists of our advanced yoga classes and is for those who have done at least two years of continuous yoga. It is recommended that at this level students attend at least twice a week.

If you are considering joining a level III class please check with your teacher that you have the necessary strength and experience.

Easy Pace Yoga
Easy pace For those who have done little or no yoga who are looking for a gentle class. This class suits the older student or students recovering from illness or facing chronic illness.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy has a long tradition but it is only recently been researched by scientific methods to prove or disprove its efficacy for conditions ranging from RSI to Back Pain to Neurological conditions such as Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease. As a practicing Physiotherapist I am particularly interested in Yoga’s application to rehabilitation. Yoga therapy can be offered in specialised groups such as classes for cancer survivors; or they can be offered individually with each participant having an individualised program. I offer one on one therapy. Individual sessions can be made through the office by appointment. Please check the website for more information and links to some interesting studies.

You and Your Back
A fusion of yoga and pilates to physically strengthen and stretch your body. Meditation and mindfulness techniques to allow you to look after your body and mind in the future. Guidance in understanding the biomechnics of your body and how to care for it. These classes are generally smaller and have more of a therapeutic emphasis. If you have or are recovering form an injury, are experiencing a period of stress in your life, have a chronic condition which you would like to work with, or would like to do more meditation and learn the skills you need to control your mind, our yoga for back pain classes are for you.

Active Birth Centre
Practical skills for childbirth and childcare with pregnancy yoga classes, couples birth skills workshops and postnatal mothers and baby yoga classes .

Private Session
Our private yoga classes are for those with remedial problems or facing illness who would like to work individually with a teacher.

Please Note:

  • Yoga classes are for men and women.
  • All classes require prior booking.
  • All equipment including mats are supplied by the yoga centre.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for stretching. Yoga is done barefoot.
  • Please do not eat directly before the class.