Iyengar studio offering Yoga in Brighton, Adelaide

Coast Yoga is a specialist Iyengar yoga studio offering engaging classes and courses for both beginner and advanced learners of Yoga in Brighton. Our new studio is situated just 5.5km from Brighton, South Australia. We offer classes every day for all levels, including specialist classes for pregnancy and back care. We also provide intensive courses and retreats to further deepen your practice.

What Coast Yoga can offer you

Every class of yoga in Brighton is different, so it never becomes boring. In each class you will master new poses and improve on familiar ones. You will learn the whole spectrum of poses: standing, back bends, forward bends, inversions, twists, arm balancing and restorative; designed to keep the entire body healthy throughout life.

Yoga is not repetitive and so it doesn’t wear out the joints. Alternatively, it balances exercise that does. The Coast Yoga Centre offers yoga for every level so you can start our beginners yoga courses with no knowledge or experience of yoga and then gradually build strength and stamina to work with intermediate and advanced yoga poses. Yoga requires regularity and commitment to show the benefits. It is important to be doing yoga at least twice a week. With regular yoga practice you will see benefits very quickly.

Progression at Coast Yoga

At Coast Yoga, we have several beginners’ yoga courses so that you can start your yoga path with several classes a week. After completing 10 weeks of beginners yoga you can then move on to level 1 yoga and continue to build on the yoga poses you learned in your beginner yoga course. With multiple beginners and level 1 classes across the week, it is possible to fit regular yoga classes into a busy and changing schedule. View our timetable here.

When you have been attending Coast Yoga for a year, you are able to move into intermediate yoga. This level will introduce you to more advanced yoga poses and build your understanding of yoga.

Experienced Teachers

The Coast Yoga teaching staff are able to teach yoga students at all levels because we all have a committed yoga practice and many years of experience teaching all levels and abilities of yoga. At Coast Yoga you will learn the true and authentic path of yoga which will give you the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga.

Our teachers are trained over many years and have high expertise in teaching and practice. They have a deep understanding of the body and how to adjust the poses for limitations and injury.

Coast Yoga in Brighton not only offers the expertise of highly trained yoga teachers; there is also a staff of health practitioners to help keep your body healthy beyond your yoga practice:

Vanessa Shribman is a physiotherapist with many years of experience as a yoga teacher. She has a deep understanding of the body and can adjust yoga poses to suit every body. She also has expertise in pregnancy and childbirth and can help women to stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy and postnatally.
Lauren Whiting also offers physiotherapy treatment. There’s also an acupuncturist and a massage therapist to complement your yoga classes.

Why do Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is a method of yoga named after BKS Iyengar, an Indian yoga master who died recently at the age of 94. Iyengar yoga is a methodical approach to yoga that develops good alignment, strength, stamina and flexibility irrespective of the state of your body when you begin.

No matter whether you are flexible, stiff, strong and fit, deconditioned slim or overweight, anyone and everyone can benefit from this system. Athletes including AFL players, hockey players, cyclists, runners and dancers benefit from the alignment and balance of muscles and joints. Those recovering from illness or very deconditioned can work at their own pace.

Yoga brings the mind into balance and teaches concentration and focus. It helps to relieve anxiety, depression and improve sleep.

Getting to Coast Yoga from Brighton

You can find us at The Warehouse, 1-5 Sussex St, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045. The studio entrance can be found just off Chittleborough Lane opposite Zest Cafe.

We’re easily accessible by car or public transport: the 265 bus will bring you straight from Brighton. There is also plenty of parking nearby, with many nearby roads offering 2 hour free parking – perfect for your 90 minute class!

To register online for classes at Coast Yoga in Brighton, click here. For more information email us at enquiries@coastyoga.com.au or call 0401 872 958.