Why come to Coast Yoga in Glenelg?

Coast Yoga is a fully equipped studio offering Iyengar yoga in Adelaide. It was founded in 1994 by Vanessa Shribman, Iyengar teacher and physiotherapist, and is the longest established and leading yoga centre at the Bay.

The studio is specifically designed for yoga and only used for yoga so there is no loud, disturbing music or thumping of other activities in the same building.

With classes every day and at all levels, our yoga studio offers a progressive path in yoga and consistency in the quality of teaching. We limit our class sizes so you are not just one of a crowd. You will always have some individual direction from your teacher who will get to know you and take an interest in you so that you can achieve the best yoga for your body and mind. We also offer intensives and retreats throughout the year so that you can deepen your practice.


There are 7 teachers at Coast yoga in Glenelg. They are all certified, 4 in the Iyengar system. All have long-term practice and most have been teaching for over 20 years. They are caring, knowledgeable individuals, committed to the practice of yoga. Find out more about us here.


In an Iyengar class, you will use props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks in order to help you to find correct alignment in each pose. We have all the equipment that you may need for your yoga class.


Classes from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels are held at the yoga Glenelg studio 7 days a week. Please view the timetable here.


Our Beginners’ yoga courses start at the beginning of each term and go for a duration of 8 weeks. These courses are on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Students may attend once or twice a week. We offer an ongoing beginners’ course on Mondays and Saturdays which may be started at any time.

The course covers 25-30 basic yoga poses which build flexibility, stamina and strength. These poses provide the foundation for the more advanced poses taught in intermediate and advanced classes. The poses are mostly standing poses to build strength, alignment, stability and flexibility in the ankles, knees and hips. There are some sitting poses and upper body strengthening to prepare for the inverted poses.

Cost of yoga in Glenelg: $135 for a one class per week pass and $185 for an unlimited class pass (4 classes/week)

Intermediate – Advanced

After you have completed a beginners’ course you will progress to a Lev 1 Intermediate yoga classes which will start you on the intermediate poses. Lev 1 progresses in intensity with standing poses, shoulder stand, simple backbends and forward bends. All students progress at their own pace and the teacher offers modifications to poses which you may find challenging. 

Lev 2-3 is for the more advanced students who have been practising yoga in Glenelg and elsewhere consistently for at least 12 months and are ready to move onto more challenging poses. These classes include standing poses, balancing standing poses, upper body poses such as handstand and headstand, backbends and more intense forward bendings. At this level it is important to be attending more than once a week.

Specialist classes

Coast Yoga offers a range of specialist classes:


The pregnancy class is designed from 12 weeks of pregnancy up until term. The class covers: maintaining strong pelvic floor and back muscles, freeing up tight muscles in the upper back and neck and maintaining tone, strength and flexibility. Each week a different topic around pregnancy and birth is discussed. Women gain confidence in their own bodies and develop their knowledge of pregnancy and birth so that they feel empowered to make decisions that will lead to a positive outcome. The classes also cover techniques for pain relief.

The class is taught by Vanessa, a registered physiotherapist at Coast Yoga in Glenelg.

Pregnancy class: Fridays at 6.30pm

Back care and therapeutic

The back care course is for students who have painful or weak backs through posture, injury, or conditions such as scoliosis and spondilylosis. It is also suitable for the period after birth when your back is feeling weak and vulnerable. Back care yoga is a good place to start when you haven’t done any exercise for a long time and want to make the first step back towards health, strength and feeling better.

This course of yoga includes gentle, safe stretching and strengthening. The poses are modified for your condition. Many students who have done this course, after feeling fearful of doing any exercise and experiencing chronic pain for many years, find great relief and go on to have active, pain-free lives. Some of the students who began in the back care course are now in the advanced yoga classes. This class is also taught by Vanessa.

Back care course: Fridays at 5pm


Casual payment: $20/ $18 conces

10 classes beginners: $155/145

20 classes beginners: $275/245

10 classes lev 1,2,3: $165/145

20 classes: $285/255

20 class ticket – no expiry:  $305/$285

Back care: $185/175

Private 60 min session:$90

Couples workshop: $180

Health fund rebates

Private health fund rebates are available if you have extras cover. Physiotherapy rebates are available for back care, therapeutic, pregnancy and private classes held with Vanessa Shribman.

Signing up

You can sign up for classes of yoga in Glenelg online by logging onto the website. You can register and pay online via EFT or with a credit card. If you would like more information you can email us at enquiries@coastyoga.com.au or call us.

Contact details :

Phone: 0401 872 958

Email: enquiries@coastyoga.com.au

Website: https://www.coastyoga.com.au/

Address: The Warehouse, 1-5 Sussex St, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045

Or Contact Us to enquire further.

How to find Coast Yoga Glenelg

Coast Yoga is the only Iyengar yoga studio in the Southern and Western suburbs. Students travel from the Southern suburbs as far as Willunga and the Fleurieu Peninsula and from the Northern suburbs as far as Semaphore. Coast yoga is situated in a fantastic new location at The Warehouse, 1-5 Sussex St, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045 (entrance off Chittleborough Lane opposite Zest Cafe)



265 Marion to City (via Seacliff and Brighton)

168 Glenelg to City (Pultney street via Keswick)

190- Glenelg to City (King William St via Unley)

J1- Glenelg – City via West Beach, Henley and the airport.


Tram service every 15 minutes to and from the city.


The closest station is either Brighton or Warradale


Check out the cycle paths along the Coast from Grange and Seacliff or from the City. https://www.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/171590/bikemap8.pdf


There is plenty of free and fee parking. Many of the arterial streets off Jetty Road have 2 hour parking, which is just enough to cover a 90 minute class of yoga.

Most streets in Glenelg allow unlimited parking after 5pm. Be sure to check the parking limits on the signs as some streets require ticketed parking until 9pm.

High street, just beside Coast Yoga has free 2-hour parking.

If you are attending an all day workshop or intensive you may need to park in one of the multistory car parks situated on Augusta St or the new car park in the process of being built on Partridge St.

Warm summer evenings and weekends can be very busy in Glenelg so ensure that you leave enough time to find a parking spot or take the bus, tram or cycle. For more information about Coast Yoga in Glenelg, simply contact us.