Intermediate Yoga Adelaide

What is Intermediate Yoga?

If you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of Yoga then our Intermediate Yoga Classes in Adelaide could be right for you. They will enable you to build on your range of poses and improve your core strength. This will involve:

  • Progression to headstand (modified for students who are unable to take weight on the head)
  • Shoulderstand and variations in shoulderstand
  • Longer timings in the poses to develop stamina
  • Abdominal poses to increase abdominal tone and strength
  • Twisting poses for mobility of the spine
  • Flowing sequences to develop stamina
  • Progression to stronger backbendings which strengthen the spine and mobilise the shoulders as well as relieving anxiety and depression
  • Balancing poses to increase focus and improve balance

Or if you have more extensive experience of Yoga our Advanced classes may suit you better.

All our Yoga classes from beginners to advanced levels will introduce and develop conscious breathing techniques and mindfulness, as well as deep relaxation. We pride ourselves on helping you on your personal development journey and ensuring that at all levels, students work safely and to their own ability.

Booking Details

Intermediate classes can be booked by purchasing a Membership or Class Pass.

Classes are ongoing and are a regular part of the timetable.

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