Dynamic and Creative Kids Yoga in Adelaide

Term 4 – Thursdays 4.15-5pm

8 week course starts on Thursday February 8th.

Cost: $80 a term or casual class $12

First class is free for newcomers. Come and give it a try!

Parents welcome to join in.

Kids yoga is for ages 6-12 and is a fast paced exciting class taught by Leonie Weiringa. Leonie is a dynamic and creative yoga teacher offering an energetic and enthusiastic approach. She believes that Yoga for Kids is about children enjoying the yoga experience and having fun while participating in the poses.  Her light hearted and relaxed teaching style encourages students to “have a go” and stimulate their curiosity in yoga. Yoga for Kids can also help children to develop self-awareness, self-confidence and self-discipline, and all through the joy of movement and breath.

She is a trained Iyengar yoga teacher.

Yoga teaches your child coordination and balance, body awareness and mindfulness and relaxation.

It improves the ability to pay attention in a fun, non competitive environment.

It stretches and strengthens the body and provides relief from poor posture due to screen use.

It helps to lengthen short, tight muscles, especially hamstrings that are a part of growing.

Yoga improves the ability to concentrate.

It teaches children to become still and relax.

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