Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced Classes of Yoga for Men in Adelaide

Yoga for Men

Here at Coast Yoga, we believe that all ages and sexes can benefit from yoga – especially men. There are untold benefits of yoga for men and it is being adopted by many of the male population to bolster bodies and minds in all kinds of ways.

Man and woman stretching in yoga studio: Yoga for men Adelaide. We host several classes of yoga for both men (and women), from beginner to advanced levels. These include anything from sports-related yoga, yoga for back pain, yoga therapy, meditative yoga, and office yoga which we describe in detail below.

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Sports yoga

Yoga is a great compliment to many traditional sporting activities. It strengthens, lengthens and tones muscles from the smallest to the biggest. It builds stamina, allows the yogi to listen to the body, preventing over-exertion or joint damage, and promotes flexibility. Yoga is also a great counterbalance if you are frequently performing repetitive exercises or sports. Many sportsmen now choose to do a short practice before key races or games to enhance concentration and loosen muscles during the main event. In addition, it will help to reduce any post-sport aches and pains.

Yoga for focus

Correct yoga practice can improve brain function more than any other physical activity. It has been shown to drastically improve memory, productivity, confidence and energy levels. Many employers are seeing the benefits in staff who have regular access to yoga classes.


Yoga for men in AdelaideYoga is known to help relieve stress and promote better sleep. The poses along with the yogic abdominal breathing help to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue. Yoga also lessens the body’s production of the stress hormone, cortisol – this reduces the risk of thyroid problems, lowers blood pressure, strengthens muscle tissue and helps reduce inflammation.


Yoga is comparable to weightlifting for building lean muscle – one of the many benefits of yoga for men. It promotes spinal flexibility, bolsters core strength and drastically improves posture.

Classes for health benefits

Practice boosts the immune system, improves digestion, encourages mindfulness and can aid weight loss.

Top yoga poses for men

Yoga for men in AdelaideIn our classes, you will come across many different poses that will benefit the specific needs of the male physique:

  • WARRIOR ONE: a well-known posture that stretches the hips and shoulders
  • DOWNWARD FACING DOG: a movement and pose that will loosen tight hamstrings, calves, hips and shoulders
  • UPWARD FACING DOG: perfect for men who are sat behind a desk all day as it works on the hip flexors and abdomen
  • STANDING FORWARD FOLD: this will open the hips, the back of the legs and the back, promoting lower body strength and flexibility
  • CHAIR POSE: one of the most demanding poses – it works on the ankles, quads, glutes and shoulders

What to expect from Coast Yoga classes

We specialise in Iyengar Yoga – exploring the physical body and mind in every posture, perfecting alignment and easing preoccupied minds. The fully-trained teachers demonstrate each pose for the students, use precise language to help understanding and will adjust students’ position to ensure that the most is gained from each posture.

Why not benefit from our May for Men Month? Men will be able to pay half price to join any of our courses (including beginner’s) during May. *This offer is only open to new, male Coast Yoga clients and does not include the couple’s workshop.

The benefits of yoga for men are endless. For a full list of classes in Adelaide, please click here.