We have physically closed our doors but are streaming the classes online.

Welcome to The Coast Yoga Glenelg, Adelaide

Immerse yourself in our week-long Bali Yoga Retreat

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What is The Coast Yoga Centre?

The Coast Yoga Centre was established in 1994 by Vanessa Shribman and is the longest established centre offering Iyengar yoga in Glenelg, Adelaide.  Coast Yoga is a friendly and caring community of teachers and students. You can immerse yourself in a wide range of yoga classes, however, we do not teach Bikram (hot yoga). We also have various health care practitioners who practise from the clinic rooms at the Centre. Our Glenelg yoga centre aims to support a vibrant community which is guided by yogic principles such as authenticity, generosity and compassion.

Teachers are certified and highly trained which allows us to effectively:

  • Teach correct alignment in each pose
  • Gradually build your strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Work every muscle and joint of your body
  • Provide support and focus for those with stiffness and injuries
  • Teach through accurate demonstration, instruction and adjustments
  • Methodically progress you through each level of our yoga courses


What makes Coast Yoga different from other yoga centres?

Coast Yoga, based in Glenelg, Adelaide specialises in Iyengar yoga. This form of yoga practice was famously developed by BKS Iyengar. He created a methodical approach to yoga which emphasizes correct alignment in each pose and uses props such as blankets and belts to achieve alignment. This approach is a profound way to develop balanced strength and flexibility and an increasing access to and understanding of the yoga system. It is accessible for all ages and all body types. A typical class at Coast Yoga will include a variety of poses at your level. You will receive individual guidance from our teachers in how to accomplish the poses correctly and safely.


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Beginners Yoga

Introduces you to 25 basic beginners’ yoga poses, teaches the fundamentals of alignment and breath awareness. Each class ends with deep relaxation


Beginner’s Courses 2020 all classes are now online with live streaming

8 week courses start on:

  • Sunday 9.30am (ongoing beginners start any Sunday)
  • Monday 9.30am
  • Tuesday 6pm

There is no casual payment – we offer an 8 week class pass for the Tuesday, Monday Sunday courses. Late starters welcome. You can make up classes during the course.

  • Length: 60 minutes.
  • Cost: Attend up to 2x a week for 8 weeks – $140
  • Once a week for 8 weeks – $100 (at any time slot listed above).
  • click the Book Now button above.

Attend a course of intensive yoga and gain flexibility, strength, stamina and well-being fast.


Yoga for Back Pain

Book now for Yoga for Back Pain with an experienced physiotherapist. Have you had chronic back pain? Too frightened to exercise in case it makes it worse? Yoga for back pain is a safe methodical way to build strength and resilience to injury and back pain. Yoga for back pain is suitable for beginner’s or for students who want to work with an injury.

  •  Yoga for back pain 2-for students with ongoing pain and discomfort. This course will focus on building stregth through the spine- Thursdays starts May 7th at 6pm (teacher is a physiotherapist. classes can be claimed on private health rebates).
  • Yoga for Back pain 1/ Easy Pace– for students who have back pain  or who are looking for an easy paced class  Mondays  at 6pm (this class is not with a physiotherapist)
  • These courses run throughout the year and you can start at anytime.

Length/times: 6pm – 7.15pm (75 minutes)

Cost: $195 for 10 classes/$175 concession

Attend both classes each week for $320 for 20 classes

Bali Retreat 2020

Dates: 29th August at 4pm – September 4th at 1pm.  

Cost: $300 deposit with booking (price varies according to the accommodation chosen).

Payment due: Full payment by June 1st 2020

A full week of yoga tuition pranayama and meditation,  2 hours of dynamic yoga in the morning and 1.5 hours of restorative yoga in the afternoon.  Yoga students must have 6 months of experience to able to attend this retreat in beautiful Amed in the north east coast of Bali. for more information go to workshops and retreats on the website.

Couples Birthing Workshops

Dates: Starts Sunday May 24th  (1 workshop every 10 weeks)

Length/times: 10.30am – 5.30pm

Cost: $220 per couple

Pregnancy & Birth Skills

Pregnancy Classes at Coast Yoga are recommended by many midwives and some obstetricians in South Australia.

There are numerous benefits associated with pregnancy yoga, including helping you to stay strong, healthy and pain free throughout pregnancy in a safe way with yoga and core exercises. The class is suitable for Beginner’s and for those who can no longer continue with their regular yoga class.

Dates: Every Friday (start at any time). Starts back Jan 10th 2020

Length/times: 6.30pm – 8pm.

Cost: $175 for 10 sessions.(teacher is a physiotherapist. classes can be claimed on private health rebates).

 May is Men’s Month. 25% discount on Beginner’s, Back care and Mens Yoga for newcomers only.

Coast Yoga is offering a 60 minutes designated mens class on Mondays  at 7.15pm. It is open to men at all levels of yoga experience. It focuses on building flexibility in hips, hamstrings and back and increasing balance and strength as well as providing recovery after weekend sport. This class runs throughout the year. You can start at anytime.

Fee: 10 classes $165 or $20 drop in rate.

Out of Towner’s Yoga Pass

Do you live rurally or interstate but visit Adelaide regularly? If so would you like to join yoga classes?

We offer a 5 class pass for Out of Towner’s. If you don’t manage to fill all of the classes on one visit you can carry the classes over to the next visit.

Cost: Attend 5 classes for just $100

*Contact us to decide which level of yoga maybe appropriate.

Affordable Yoga for Full Time Uni Students

Full time students from Flinder’s University, Adelaide University or UniSA can benefit from our discounted fees while you are counting the pennies but looking for high quality yoga.

Join all of our Beginner’s courses or regular classes with a significant discount.

  • 10 classes – $140.
  • Beginner’s courses – 1 class a week for 8 weeks – $135.
  • Unlimited Beginner’s – up to 4 classes a week for 8 weeks – $175.

To receive the discounted rate, bookings must be made with your university email and you will need to present your full time student card at your first class.