Staying Safe and Keeping our community safe from Covid 19

It is our intention to keep everyone at Coast Yoga safe as the borders to Victoria and NSW open. Please follow the guidelines below when coming to the studio and follow instructions from the teachers.


Please do not attend classes if you are feeling unwell. We will extend your class pass to reflect this.

Please login with your QR code when entering the yoga centre

Clean your hands with supplied sanitizer

If you are attending a class with fully vaccinated students only, you will need to show your vaccine certificate.


Staying safe with social distancing

The studio at Coast Yoga is 200msq so there is plenty of room to socially distance. Numbers are limited to 20 students plus teacher.

The floor is marked out so that you are at least 4msq apart from the person next to you.

The lobby is around 110msq so there is plenty of room to socially distance when you are waiting for your class to start. Please be 1.5m away from other students

We will limit numbers in the office to the teacher and one student. Please wait in the lobby until the office is free.


Mask wearing

Please wear your mask when entering the yoga centre and waiting for your class.

Wear your mask to your mat. You can remove it when on your mat. Please wear it when going to the bathroom and when retrieving equipment.



Please supply your own mat. We ask all students to spray equipment with alcohol after use including the wall area if used.

Place a towel over blankets and bolsters

Door handles and common areas are wiped down between each class.

The Yoga Centre is cleaned thoroughly and regularly

Our staff have undertaken Australian Government training modules on COVID-19


We are offering 8 classes a week online for students who would rather practice yoga from home.