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Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga Adelaide

What is Beginners’ Yoga?

Beginners’ courses introduce you, with a methodical progression, to 25 basic beginners’ yoga poses. Iyengar yoga for beginners teaches the fundamentals of alignment of the yoga poses, breath awareness and each class ends with deep relaxation. Many people have done some yoga but still feel that they have not been taught right alignment for the poses.

Our beginners courses will teach you how to do the poses correctly even if you have done some yoga before. The courses help you begin to build strength and flexibility and teach you to deeply relax. You may begin to notice over this time that your mind is able to quieten more easily.

Our 6 week Introduction to Yoga Course runs periodically throughout the year in addition to our timetabled beginners classes. Students attend once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. They are intended for complete beginners to yoga or those wanting to do a refresher course. Alternatively, you may instead begin with our regular timetabled classes.  Consider trying our 2 week Intro Offer to find your favorite class. 

Coast Yoga’s 6 Week Introductory Course & Beginner’s Yoga Classes

Next Beginner’s 6 week Introductory Course – 21 October. Please contact for more information

Attend 6 weeks of intensive yoga and gain flexibility, strength, stamina and well being fast!

Introductory Course – 21 October-25 November

Instead of running outside of regular class times, this Intro Course will replace the ongoing beginners class on Saturday Mornings at 10:15.

Suitable for:  new & existing students, including regular students who usually attend this timeslot.

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: 6 Week Beginner’s Course (attend 6 Consecutive weeks) – $120 or alternatively our regular passes can also be used for this course regular passes can be used (Single class, 10-Class Pass, Intro offer & memberships) 

Ongoing Beginners Classes

All other beginners classes are ongoing. Mondays 9.30am,  Wednesdays 7.30pm, Saturdays 10:15am and Sundays 9.30am. Start whenever you like. Beginners and new students are also able to attend other class types including General, Easy Pace and Men’s/General. Led practices and Experienced are not suitable for beginners. 

What are the Benefits of Yoga for Beginners?

Over the beginners’ course of 6 weeks you will learn to do some of the standing poses, sitting poses, some easy back bends and some of the inverted poses. The poses will increase mobility of the hips, ankles, shoulders and back and will start to unravel deep-held stiffness and imbalance in the body. The beginners’ course will develop strength in your legs, back and upper body making you feel strong, energised and free in your body. You will find that beginners’ yoga will give you energy and over the 6 weeks your concentration and focus will improve. You will also learn to systematically relax which can help with sleep difficulties, stress and anxiety.

In order to maximize benefit from the course you are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible over the 6 weeks. If you do need to miss a session during your course you are able to make this up during the week with another class over the length of the course or in two weeks following the completion of the course.

Teachers at Coast Yoga are trained to modify poses if you come with injury which may limit some of your mobility. Please let us know about this when you book. Beginners’ courses can provide a balance for sport such as cycling, running and competitive sport.